Oil and Energy Hedging with Mandara

Who we are:

Mandara is a group of independent commodity derivatives trading firms specialised in trading refined products, ethanol and crude oil derivatives. Established in 2009, Mandara has firms in London and Singapore. We trade across Asian, European and US OTC derivatives markets with a specific focus on oil and energy hedging out of the London office.

We are one of the largest volume players in cleared oil derivatives. Our depth and breadth of trading capability creates exciting liquidity opportunities for counterparties. All counterparty trades are cleared, in line with Dodd Frank and EMIR.

Fuel Hedging and Energy Risk Management and Oil hedging

What we can do for you:

  1. Broad product coverage

Mandara provides direct trading opportunities on a broad range of energy derivatives, offering the convenience of trading opportunities across the barrel in one place. Not only do we offer strong market awareness across our crude and refined product desks, but we also look into other contracts than our core trading indices at counterparties’ requests. The full list of contracts we trade is now over 100 and expanding all the time.

  1. Efficiency

Mandara is highly responsive in price quotations, with no inbuilt credit costs, brokerage fees or middle-man margin. We rigorously uphold standards of excellence and are unparalleled in speed, responsiveness and availability.

  1. Simple and safe trading process

All counterparty trades are kept private and confidential, unless through necessary block reporting, and all trades are cleared through ICE Clear, CME ClearPort, SGX or OMX Nasdaq, reducing the risk to the counterparty.

The setup process for a new trading counterparty is extremely quick and straightforward; there are no credit lines required. Once a deal is done, trades are posted for clearing immediately as Block or EFS. Setting up to trade, and trading with Mandara is fast and simple.


Direct Trades


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